An encyclopedia of the processes running on your system –

Ever wondered what the particular process in the Windows Task Manager, under the ‘Processes’ tab refer to, why is it running, which application is responsible behind the particular process and other such queries. is the solution to all such queries, in other words it’s a dictionary of all the known processes running on any system.  You can see the process arranged in alphabetical order on the page, as shown below.

Alphabetical Tasklist
Alphabetical Tasklist

Later, clicking on any of the Process shown here takes you to a detailed description and recommendation for the process, if you wish you can see the description and recommendation using the PDF option or you can choose to download it.

Decription of process running in the taskbar
Decription of process running in the taskba

You can also download their Easy SpyRemover to remove the infections, the free version of Easy SpyRemover has automatic updates feature and scheduled scans, and so if you need a nice free Spyware remover, you can download it.

Easy Spyremover
Easy Spyremover

So next time when you come across an alien type process being run on your system, feel free to visit and get to know all about the process.   Visit 



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