Evolution and Future Of Artificial Intelligence – AI vs Human

AI is everywhere, It doesnt mean a human like robot moving around.It could be anything right from program controlling the aero planes, on your mobile phones to search engines.Welcome to the last post fo this Series!

Its said, Future of AI is already predicted in Hollywood movies. Those movies have spoken of all the incomplete assumptions telling what can be shape of the future if this happens.

Evolution of Artifical Intelligence:

When AI started taking forms on older years, It was thought something which si excellent in maths, computation and logic.This was really successful as it doesnt need anything like survival in the real world.It can be body less and still can survive.But the notion of Human mind have changed and they want an Intelligent brain that can survive any conditions by its own judgement.

I will take a small exmple of AI virus !! Well dont be surprised this should not be any new term I am coining.Think of a virus programmed with AI skills.WIll you be able to catch it? It will be smart enough to preserve itself in case of any threat, clone itself if got caught.Change the way it attacks your system.In one line It will be Smart enough to survive..scary isnt it. one example of AI i liked was this Sony’s AIbo Dog A small Experience.Try it out.

AI has evolved from smart chess program to cars which can park themselves.Satelites which can track missiles and missiles getting smarter when the target change their path.Its evolving every day but we dont see it.Why, because we really still dont understand.Its evolving here and there but all we think of a robot every time and that will take time.

Future of Artificial Intelligence:

Current scenario of making an AI smart is string all the pevious database and experience and then use complex algorithm to predict things.But how long we can do that if we want a real intelligence.

Common Sense: Any Intelligence should have some sort of common sense.A common sense knowledge base has to be built up.We humans dont think sometimes and still do it on the other hand computers calculate things even if they have to lift a pen we just do it without thinking too much about it.

Knowledge Represntation: An other problem is how to represent knowledge in computers.Technically for each kind of knowledge we need to have one kind of data structure.This will help In division of functions which should it be able to access.I dont want to explain this else it will be confusing.Just in one line have separate thing for separate purpose.

I read a review in MIT databse.It would be a better choice if you want to read more on this click Future of AI technology

I would conclude this post here.I tried my best to explain AI and I hope you liked it.I would be glad for your suggestions.

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