Excel Shortcuts and Tips you should know

I am not very good at using MS Excel, recently when I was working on an Excel sheet, I learnt a couple of keyboard shortcuts with the help of a friend, I though sharing it with you all, I have tried to put together the ones which I thought are not very usual, hope you find them useful.

General Shortcuts to make you more productive with MS Excel –

Operation Shortcut

  • Multiselect Cells      Alt+Left Click
  • Del Row/Col             Ctrl+K
  • Select Range            Ctrl+*
  • Go to Corner            Ctrl+.
  • Edit Selected            Ctrl+Enter
  • Fill Down                    Ctrl+D
  • Fill Right                     Ctrl+R
  • Copy Prev Formula   Ctrl+’
  • Copy Above Val         Ctrl+”
  • Sum                            Alt+=
  • Go to First Cell          Ctrl+Home       Go to Last Cell
  • Ctrl+End        Start of Row    Home
  • Next Sheet                Ctrl+Page Down
  • Next Workbook       Ctrl+F6
  • Prev Workbook        Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Prev Sheet                 Ctrl+Page Up
  • Go to                            F5
  • Set Currency            Shift+Ctrl+$
  • Set Percent               Shift+Ctrl+%
  • Set Number             Ctrl+Shift+~
  • Set Date                     Ctrl+Shift+#
  • Insert Line Br          Alt+Enter
  • Repeat Action          F4
  • Format Cell                Ctrl+1
  • Insert Date                Ctrl+; Insert Time   Ctrl+:
  • Remove Border       Ctrl+Shift+_  Border Cells    Ctrl+Shift+&
  • Select Cell Group     Shift+Cursors

Some Functions and their Results

  • FUNCTION                                         RESULT
  1. today()                                                      Today’s date
  2. now()                                                          Date and Time
  3. sum()                                                          Total of values
  4. average()                                                   Average of values
  5. min()                                                           Lowest value
  6. max()                                                          Highest value
  7. count()                                                        Number of values
  8. counta()                                                     Count non-blank
  9. countif()                                                     Count matches
  10. if(this,then,else)and() / or()              Return value if condition met
  11. rand()                                                          Random number
  12. round()                                                       Round the value
  13. ceiling()                                                      Round up
  14. floor()                                                          Round down
  15. sqrt()                                                           Square root

Hope you found them useful, if yes, feel free to print it out and keep it on the wall at you workplace.

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  1. I was just looking for something similar . a neat list of all the short cuts on Excel … thanks you have done the work for me … a pat to you dude 😉

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