Exercises and Postures to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We have talked about the diseases and disorders caused due to prolonged usage of computers and laptops, we also talked about some exercises which might be helpful in avoiding such disorders, and a software which can help you by reminding and suggesting some exercise during your working hours.

Here are some posture advices to be followed especially to avoid the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) –

Elbow Position during mouse usage to avoid CTS
Elbow Position during mouse usage to avoid CTS

Rest your palm on mouse
Rest your palm on mouse

How to use the Keyboard to avoid CTS
How to use the Keyboard to avoid CTS

Here are some stretching exercises for your hand, to stay away from CTS –

Stretch towards back and hold for 5 seconds
Stretch as shown, 5 seconds in the same position
Lie down on abdomen apply pressure on palm as if trying to get up
Incline the palm sideways as much as you can for 5 seconds again

So, go ahead and practice these postures, and the stretching as well. Depending upon the frequency you can repeat each exercise for 5-10 times.

In case you have an issue of backache you can try these backache exercises, it worked for me.

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  1. Many people are facing the problem of cts as every one has to work on the computers. The exercises told by you are really helpful.


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