Exercises which helped me to overcome the Backache, Try them out

It happened a couple of days ago, one night after my long session of working on my workplace and later on my home computer, when I finally headed to sleep, I felt a vehement backache, and later I also realized slight numbness in my legs.

I have been lazy throughout my life so far, workouts or physical exercises have never been a part of my daily routine. Well, I have written a post about exercises to be followed in workplace, but actually never followed them.  So I found this pain alarming, and after spending this sleepless night next day I went to the doctor.

Later, the doctor prescribed me some exercises, and he told me the reason behind this was Wrong Sitting Posture (if you are not sure about right sitting posture, try Google it, and practice it as well, pretty useful), I wanted to share these simple stretching exercises with my readers as well, because most of us are either lazy or too busy to follow some regular workouts, these stretching exercises are simple and can be done easily, you can do them in the morning after completing your regular chores.

Exercise #1 –

As the first exercise, he told me to lie down straight, lift one leg up to 45-60 degree angle from ground, hold it in raised position for 5 seconds, repeat this 10 times each for both the legs.


Exercise #2 –

This exercise is known as ‘The Bridge’, lie down, and bend your legs, now lift your hips, and stay in this position for 5 seconds, repeat it for 10 times.


Exercise #3 –

Lie down, and bend your legs, as we did for the Bridge, now tighten abdominal muscles to squeeze ribs down toward back.  Be sure not to hold breath. Hold 5 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise #4 –

Lie on your back, holding knees to chest, now slowly return to normal position, i.e. in relax mode, and repeat it 10 times.


If you search over the web, you can get to know about several other exercises for back pain, I could have elongated this list, but these exercises worked fine for me, and I have almost recovered from the pain, so I don’t see any reasons to discuss about any more.

Even if you are not having any pain, you can practice them, to stay from any chances in future.

Apart from this, if you work on computer for long, make it a habit to take breaks on regular intervals of 30-40 minutes, and slowly rotate your neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, 10 times each will be enough.

Image Courtesy Abs Exercise Advice


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