Export “only” Facebook Friends Email Addresses

Yahoo mail after revamping their interface has now become more social and the first step goes is that now it allows you to import Facebook contact into your Yahoo Contacts.  Amit @ labnol has explained it  beautifully but there is a catch. Let me explain.

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail.
  • Go to Contacts Tab and you should see a notification which asks you to connect to Facebook and import email addresses from your Facebook friends to yahoo contacts.
Facebook Yahoo Import Address
Facebook Yahoo Import Address

This is tempting but wait for few minutes and think

  • When you use this tool it will merge your Facebook contacts with your existing contact book. Now if you don’t want to mix them don’t do it, just for now.
  • Now Yahoo Allows you to export contacts too.

Lets begin now :

Path 1:

  • Create a new yahoo account and follow the steps from 3 to 6 in Path 2
  • Hate creating a new account ? Follow Path 2. ( But you will be back here )

Path 2:

  1. Export all your existing yahoo contacts by going to Contacts > Tools and export in any format you like.
  2. Delete all the existing contacts from yahoo mail, don’t worry you have all backed up.
  3. Now click on the Facebook Importer tool and authenticate to allow yahoo to pull your Facebook contacts.
  4. This will import all your Facebook contacts in Yahoo Address Book.
  5. Now what you have is the list of ONLY Facebook contacts and nothing else.
  6. Again go to Contacts > Tools and export it in format you want.
  7. Now if you wish you can delete all the Facebook contacts and re-import the old contact list.

Warning with Path 2: Deleting all contacts might remove contacts from your Yahoo messenger also, though I haven’t tested but may be, just may be re-importing should get them back. Hate it ? get back to Path 1

Overview :

Though Yahoo has given a great options to import Facebook contact because it even gets you Phone number, email address etc but it should have allowed the import to get into a category, lets say Facebook, and then let me handle what I need to do.


  1. unfortunately facebook has spooked it and it doesn’t work anymore..understandable of course…. what could be an easier way to migrate to google’s new facebook rival when it comes…import all contacts to gmail via yahoo.

  2. This is great BUT when I export my YAHOO contacts – it only exports 7 not all of the 2500 any ideas?


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