Extract Exe, MSI and any type of Archive with Universal Extractor

Many a time you get an archive file which is created using Winrar but you don’t have winrar. This is a common problem which users face as the end users are not sure what archive utility you use.

Universal Extractor is an answer for this kind of situation using which you can forget about installing any thing else and on top of this it can also extract EXE and MSI files . ( Is uses Windows inbuilt command to do this , after all EXE or MSI are packaged files which runs in a sequence )

Universal Extractor
Universal Extractor

Extracting EXE and MSI are useful sometimes when you need a part of that file alone. I remember I need this to the Offline Installation of Silver light and I was not able to proceed because it was trying to download a file and I wanted to skip it.

Other advantages you get using Universal Extractor are it tracks archive history, Warns before executing files,  Remove duplicate and temporary files. Download Universal Extractor


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