Best Tools To Extract An Image From Gif

GIF is the main file format for animated pictures, but newer options like Animated PNG (APNG) and Animated WebP. It is pretty simple to extract a specific frame from an animated movie without using a third-party application.

Whenever you need to save all frames of an animated GIF as individual pictures, these online GIF extractors will come in useful. You may save GIF frames as PNG, JPG, or another image format using any of these online GIF frame extractors.

Trying to accomplish that on an animated GIF picture may be difficult since you can’t usually stop the motion to capture the ideal screenshot. We’ve compiled a list of 8 tools that may help you break down a GIF animation into individual frames.

Tools To Extract Images From GIfs

Best Tools To Extract An Image From Gif

Below are some of the best tools to convert individual frames from GIFs to images; these are some of the best tools out there and work flawlessly.

  1. 7GIF
  2. EZGif
  3. GIF Viewer
  4. IrfanView
  5. Picasion
  6. GifSplitter
  8. Zamzar

Make sure to try each of them to find out what works best for you.

1] 7GIF

7GIF is a program devoted to playing animated GIF files with many small but potentially helpful features. Most of their features govern playback of the file and include speed/frame control, scaling, playlists, slideshow, advanced settings, and Windows integration. There is a setup installer as well as a portable version available. Of course, the essential feature here is exporting frames from the animation.

Drop the animated GIF file into the window or use the Open button/menu to load it into 7GIF directly. Go to Save Frames at the top of the Options menu on the bottom right of the toolbar.

2] Ezgif

Ezgif offers various utilities as GIF optimizer, GIF resizer, GIF cropper, etc. Among the list of such tools, a “GIF splitter” tool is beneficial. It allows you to save any frame or all frames from an animated GIF to your PC. It displays the preview of all frames available in an animated GIF. After that, you may right-click on a frame and save it as a still GIF picture. If you have to save all frames, it allows you to save them as PNG pictures in a zip archive.

You may upload an animated GIF from a PC or add the URL of an online animated GIF to divide its frames.

3] GIF Viewer

GIF Viewer program offers several exciting options. You may select a range (like 3-10 or 5-8) to extract frames for GIF pictures or save all frames. Another option is it immediately plays GIF as soon as you upload it. It also supports EMF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and JPG formats to save the pictures.

When you start the program, it will immediately open a window to upload a GIF picture. After that, it will start playing GIF. The ability to change playing speed is also present.

For extracting the frames, right-click on the GIF image and select Extract Frames. A new window will open. There, use the slider to select a range for frames.

4] IrfanView

IrfanView is an outstanding and popular image viewer program that is quick, tiny, and free. IrfanView is more than just an image viewer; it can create panoramic images, take screenshots, perform JPG lossless rotation and crop, apply effects, edit photos, extract frames from an animated GIF, and much more.

Select Options > Extract all frames from the menu after importing the animated GIF into IrfanView. The options box lets you pick all frames or a specific range, specify a filename suffix, search for a destination folder, and choose an image type from a list of 20 different extensions.

5] Picasion is a pretty basic GIF splitter website on our list. This website comes with several unique features that make it worth utilizing. It allows you to adjust the size (preset or custom size), quality, effect (sepia, negative, or grayscale), and rotation (90 percent left, right, flip vertical, and flip horizontal) for output pictures. So, if you want to save frames from an animated GIF with more choices, this website is helpful. The animated GIF frames may be saved as static GIF pictures.

This maximum file size restriction is not stated on its site. You may upload animated GIFs from your PC or add the URL of internet animated GIFs. When it is done, you may view all the frames of an animated GIF.

6] GifSplitter

GifSplitter is a small and portable program. It features one unique feature that you may enjoy. If the input GIF has a transparent background, it allows you to choose the background color for output pictures. GifSplitter is a portable and easy-to-use application that can automatically extract every frame in an animated GIF file. Download, unpack and run the software; extracted pictures are produced as BMP files.

Launch the program and add the input file in the provided field. After that, it will display the number of frames available in that GIF file.

Now, if your GIF file has a transparent background, choose to pick a single background color for the Gif option and use a color of your choosing to fill background color for output pictures. Press the Split Now button, and it will store photographs one after another.

Choose the GIF animation file and choose the output folder. The first option saves a lot of time by relocating the captured GIF frames to a new folder depending on the filename.


GIFGIFs is also an excellent online GIF frame extractor. It provides the ability to save a single frame, several frames (one by one), or all the animated GIF frames as individual pictures. The produced images are stored in still GIF format.

It is a website that contains many thousand free animated GIF files. In addition, it includes a variety of associated tools to resize, optimize, rotate, crop, reverse, add text, and divide files. The split GIF page is straightforward to use, and just a few clicks are needed.

After a few seconds, click Extract Frames after pressing the Upload GIF button and searching for a local file, or selecting “Enter Image URL” and paste a link from the internet. If the pictures appear corrupt, tick the “UNOPTIMIZE TRANSPARENT GIF” option and extract the frames again. Finally, select “Download all frames as ZIP archive” and a download containing the still pictures in GIF format.

8] Zamzar

Zamzar is a highly famous file converter website, and it also comes with a GIF splitter function. Its distinctive feature is that you may obtain animated GIF frames as BMP, PNG, JPG, WEBP, PCX, TGA, ICO, or any other image format. So, this website offers output picture formats more than any other website accessible in this list.

Using this website is also extremely simple. You may upload a maximum of 25 MB GIF pictures at a time to divide them into frames. After that, choose the output format, provide your email address and utilize the Convert button. The URL of output pictures is supplied in the email address specified by you. You may use that URL and download any frame of your choosing.

Is It Safe To Use Online GIF Converters Online?

Keeping a website online has costs involved; while some websites don’t store and use user data for marketing and advertisements, most of the free GIF converters will use your data. It is just partially safe in that sense.

Are GIFs Used On The Internet Nowadays?

GIFs have been there for quite a while, but they are, in fact, more popular nowadays as the social media generation is sharing and using them a lot. GIFs come in handy when someone wants to make a witty reply or a graphic reply in general.

The bottom line is that an animated GIF is a compilation of several frames or still pictures that play in succession. If you wish to extract frames from animated GIF pictures, then this article may be helpful. You may save the extracted frames as individual JPG, BMP, or PNG files and then use any image viewer or image editing program or other tools to examine those photos. Most of the free alternatives mentioned in this article can also play GIF pictures.


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