Facebook Launches “Listen to Music” With Your Friends

Finally Facebook has given one more reason to stay and connect with your friends on Facebook and this time the reason is pretty sweet, MUSIC. Facebook just announced that soon you will see “Listen With <Friend Name> ” if your friend is lsieting to a music which is connected with it Facebook account.

So your Friend will be your DJ as you discover the music with him but hey he has complete control over who he shares music with him and so do you. This can be changed under Privacy Settings and App settings where you can set the listening activity once the feature is rolled in for your account. Also since the songs will be logged into your timeline, if you want you can always go ahead and remove it from your private activity. Learn more

Facebook Listen to Music

As of now the feature is not enabled for all the accounts as it is rolling but if you want that “Listen to Music” with your friends like right now, I will suggest you to add music apps to  your account and try it couple of friends who have the service installed in their app settings. Since this is two way both should have to see it.

Another thing which is not clear is if the music is coming from a service which same for both of us i.e. Like if me and my friend both listen to spotify  then will you be able to to add that station to your spotify by clicking a link there because that will be very cool as I can add the  stations or albums I like so I can listen even when my friend is not there.


  1. Is there a way to enable it for me?
    I’m a regular user of spotify however seem to be one of the unluckier ones who don’t have it available yet.
    Will it be soon?


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