Make Movie from your Facebook Timeline and Updates

Ever since Facebook Launched its Timeline Feature I was very excited to try , one of the reason maybe was the Nice and Sleek Marketing Promo Video which Facebook Showed to let us know what Timeline was all about , Facebook Timeline was pretty good at what it did , told stories of your life via a Vertical Timeline , it told whom you were friends with on which month , when you went into a relationship , your achievements and what not ! Most importantly even when I didn’t know how to use the Facebook Timeline feature I was much wooed by the Movie they showed me in the Promo.

If you haven’t seen it already then do watch it at the Facebook Timeline Intro Page , but have you ever wondered if you could make a similar movie without knowing much of the Fancy Video Editing Stuff ? The Obvious Answer (If you read the Title of this post) is Yes , now you can 🙂

Facebook Timeline

Facebook in association with Definition 6 (A Unified Marketing Agency) has come up with a Beautiful app the Timeline Movie Maker , an App which will let you convert your Facebook Timeline enabled Profile into a Nostalgic Movie.

The Procedure is really very simple , you just head on to ( ) then Click on “Make Your Movie” then the App (Timeline Movie Maker) will ask you for your App Permissions for Facebook , it does that in order to draw Photos and some other info from your Facebook profile in order to make the movie (It doesn’t draw private content which you have customized permission for , only draws stuff you shared with Public and Friends) . After that It will show a Progress bar and after a moment they will auto play the Movie.

Feeling Nostalgic ? No ? The App does provide you will a little bit of Customization like they give you five soundtracks to choose from and you can click on photos you don’t want in the movie to be shown , just click on them to remove it , similarly you can change your check-ins , videos and so on and they will fill it up with some random photo , after all this you have to click on “Remake Your Movie” Button to render the movie again , I expected a bit of randomness to the movie generation every time I clicked on “Remake Your Movie” but it will just let you make changes to the stuff the app already choose for you.

Editing Facebook Timeline Movie

So far as of now the Movie is only sharable on Facebook (Though only with friends / custom / via Message / on anyone’s wall) it can’t be set to Public. And Why Do I keep using the Word “Render” ? Well technically the movie isn’t saved anywhere when you make it , but is rendered in real time every time someone with to see it with your customized settings (Maybe one of the reasons why it isn’t downloadable / embeddable till now) , actually what happens is the app overlays your images and status onto a blank template of the movie.

Also another thing I find lacking is in the contents the App chooses for us , I know the app isn’t a genius to predict what matters to us most , and what’s of great value to us , off course a Family Picture of mine is a moment I will cherish and is more valuable than a Comic Strip I Shared when I LOL’d , but App can’t work with that also to mention the app do skip many years of memories for us in the meanwhile so don’t keep your hopes too high if the output looks stupid to you at first , have your patience and customize it until you are satisfied.

All in all it’s a good attempt and not made to be judged with super seriousness , even if little but it does makes your nostalgic , at least it did to me , so just go to then do a few clicks then sit back and enjoy 🙂

This Guest Post Was Written By Kuntal Gupta , A Photographer from Kolkata , You can see most of his work on his Facebook Fan Page and on Flickr  , You can also follow him on Twitter @cybercool10 .



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