Will you change dates for your Facebook Updates

Facebook new “TimeLine” feature was recently rolled to most of the users and what is scary and confusing is the ability to completely screw your timeline by moving your updates from one date to somewhere in past which I find is completely ridiculous except one option which lets me hide some update which is OK if you are embarrassed of what you said and just don’t want it to be discovered.

Why I find is ridiculous  ? Is first I dont see a reason why I will like to make one of my status update which I said in morning as a thing of past. Its present and that’s what your friends saw in morning and thats how it works and do you think its logical either ? If you change your update of what you said today to yesterday will it make you a Future Predict ? No Right!!

Second so if my timeline updates can change dates why is it restricted to years if it can be done for months i.e. You can change date of your update which you said in May to January but you cannot change year from 2009 to 2010 but you can move to 2008…. so it allows you to time travel backwards even in past and not in future even if you lived it. Its confusing but then that’s it.

Updating TImeline Status

Thirdly the idea of Opening up Activity log is another scary stuff because unless you go and make everything private, I can stalk in your timeline and find what you said “That Day”  and slam on you, Ofcourse I might be just a friend on Facebook but not really a friend.  Yes you can change your privacy settings but opening up complete log to my Family and anyone I dont know on first hand can be a big time issue at least for me.

Oh and I really wish I could have changed dates to future.!!! Not sure why is it missing.

So how do you change your Date for Status ?

Finally if you really have time and want to do it follow the steps below :

  • Go to your Profile > Activity Log
  • This will list down all the updates made by you which can be sorted by year and then month
  • Look for a circle icon on right of every update and you can choose to Delete, Change Date etc for that. However you are restricted to travel in past 😛 and yes you can keep updating locations also.
  • Make sure to use the Update Info Button to reflect the change which is on your new timeline.

Facebook has an exhaustive tutorials on what you can do with the time travel enabled timeline but do let me know why will you update it ? or Will you update it ?


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