Fade volume level of music slowly when you sleep or work

Many a people love to listen to music when they work but for people like me it becomes little distracting as the concentration increases. I tend to just close of the music player after 30 minutes and if you do the same here is one software that can do it for you slowly without bothering you at all.

Timed Fader is a windows application which reduces the volume by certain percentage in a given duration of time i.e drop volume  by 1% in two hours.

You can also create presets which would be suitable for different environment like office, home etc. It also lets you use it as an alarm clock, launch a web page or any external application along with command line options if any.

I tried running this on Windows 7 where installation was a little tingling but it worked fine. Just ignore the error message.

This application is similar to Good Night Timer we talked about and is a must have tool for people who love to listen to music when going to sleep but want the music to shut down after sometime.

The home page of this site is Timed Fader ( Does not Work any more, Try reduce  volume level of music slowly when you sleep or work )


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