Fake incoming calls to save you from boring conversations [Free Android app]

The scenario of being stuck in a boring conversation, or meeting is something very common, we all have experienced it some point of time, and most of us face this often. Here is a great way to escape from such conversations and meetings. Imagine, while you are into such a conversation, which you desperately want to quit, now if somehow your phone rings and you get an important call from your boss, your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. now you can easily escape, telling the urgency to receive the call.

Fake-a-Call is an awesome Android app, which allows you to get Fake Calls on your phone. You get a call, and it shows the caller of your choice, i.e. you choose whose call it should be, at a certain time. Just schedule a call from anyone in your phonebook, and your phone will start ringing at the specified time.

Fake a call for free on your Android phone

‘Contact List’ button allows you to pick a name and number from your Phonebook, or you can directly enter a name and number manually. ‘More Settings’ allow you to select some preset voice on this fake call or you can even record one. Also you can select a call screen on the ‘More Settings’ screen.

Schedule Fake call to get rid of boring conversations

Once done with ‘More Settings’ screen, go back to home screen of Fake-A-Call, and set the time for Fake incoming call, and touch the ‘Schedule Call’ button, now sit relaxed, Fake-A-Call is on the way to help you out.

Fake a call for free on your Android phone and escape the boring conversations and meetings

This seems to be a great app, definitely worth downloading if you often get stuck in time wasting conversations, and want to escape.

To download and install Fake-a-Call on your Android phone, search the market for ‘Fake-a-Call’.

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