Fast forward YouTube Videos by changing the playback speed

Many of us love watching videos with YouTube and other such services, watching video is definitely a nice way of learning things and at times to understand the functionality of some new software, or to understand  ‘How to’, but often we come across videos which take lots of time explaining something which is pretty simple or somehow these videos are kind of elongated.

Also we come across some videos which we start watching thinking to get something useful out of it, but after watching the whole video we realize, as if we wasted our time waiting for something which we thought is about to be shown in the video, but actually it never did.

Alter Playback speed of Online Videos

Alter Playback speed of Online Videos

So now we have the solution, we can use The Enounce MySpeed Plug-In, which allows you to watch the online flash videos at an altered playback rate.

This plugin automatically associates itself with the web browser (I tested it with Firefox, IE6 and Chrome), now every time you are about to watch a video. MySpeed plugin will launch itself in order to allow you to watch the video at the playback rate of your choice, as shown below.

Here is a screen shot of video which I created for Foxtab, you can see in this screen recording how a video which is longer than 1 minute can be seen within less than 30 seconds using MySpeed plugin, while preserving the central idea of the video.

I liked MySpeed a lot, is useful and time saving, what do you have to say about it, do share with us in comments. Try MySpeed

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