Favorites Town: A visual tool to manage your favorites

Managing favorites and bookmarks is an important task and also headache for regular  computer and internet users. The major issue is with saving bookmarks is many people don’t know how to manage the bookmarks, they end up stacking the bookmarks at one place and finally when they need to access a page they came across a couple of months ago, it almost becomes unsearchable from the huge list.

Making folders to categorize the bookmarks is probably the best thing to handle and keep your bookmarks sorted, so that the list can be easily browsed and searched when needed.

Well, here is a nice application which can be used your favorites organizer, Favoritestown. This is probably the first tool of its kind. It gives you a window which shows a toy town like interface, as shown below.

Bookmark town

Now, all the buildings shown here are the ones which almost every town has, like a Railway Station, a Florist, a Shopping Mall, a Library, a Bank, your Home, your Garage, your Business place etc.

How does this town help me organizing my favorites?

The idea is simple, you move around your mouse cursor and the description on brown colored board at the bottom right of the window can be seen, which tells you what is every building shown on the town, there you also get to see what type of favorite (either a webpage, a file or folder on your computer) can be saved there.

For example –

Visual Bookmarking

Here when the mouse cursor is hovered on this building, it read ‘This is MY HOUSE. In here I can watch TV or a Movie. I can play music or read a newspaper, magazine or book or look at my favorite photographs’. That means you can save your favorites (both online and offline favorites i.e. webpage, file, folder etc.) which have movies, newspapers, music, photos etc.

In the same way you can add favorites in very building, however to keep things simple, you can view these buildings as folders which help you to categorize you favorites so that searching is easy.

How do I save my favorites in these buildings?

Simply click on any building to enter it, let us try entering ‘MY HOUSE’

Saving bookmarks and favorites

Here you get the options to add and delete a favorite, clicking on any of them takes you to a self descriptive procedure, which allows you to add any kind of Favorites you want.

Favoritestown needs to be running on your system, so that you can use it as a launcher for your favorites at any point of time.

Try it out; I am sure it is going to have a huge fan following, organizing favorites using a visual tool sounds good, isn’t it?

Download Favoritestown


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