Features of Office 2013 OneNote that changed Compared to Office 2010 OneNote

Office OneNote 2013 has some major changes which includes  Cloud Integration, common across all products.  In this post I have compared OneNote Office 2010 and Office 2013 and listed down the features which I see as new or changed. It should have most of the changes listed, but there is always a scope. I will keep updating it, but this should be good enough to give you a clear insight.

General Changes

  • Integration with Skydrive, Office 365, and availability over multiple devices.
  • Because its available on all the devices, you can search over multiple devices.
  • It can convert your handwriting into text because of better touch support.

Table  with Header & Excel Support

The biggest change in my opinion, in OneNote, is a good amount of support for Tables. It now supports header for Tables and the tables can be converted into excel sheets with just a right click. This is useful if you want to make use of Formulas etc.

OneNote Table Convert to Excel

Just a note here that it first embeds itself as excel, you may have to save it separately.  The idea here is to convert your existing tables to excel sheets. The sad part here is that the reverse is not possible except that you can try control Z.

Ribbon Menu Changes


Direct Integration with Spreadsheet i.e. Excel Sheet : You can insert an excel sheet inside OneNote which keeps itself at sync with the document. While Inserting, you will be asked if you want to attach it, or Insert or only insert a chart from it. Another awesomeness is that you can launch the excel file in edit mode from OneNote, Save and sync changes.

A drawback which I see, when inserting an excel in case of multiple sheets, is that they are inserted one after the other. It does not give the tabbed view which you generally get in the excel.

Attach Excel Sheets

Pictures : Compared to Word, OneNote 2013 does not have the option to insert pictures from other media like Flickr etc. This is disappointing.

Page Templates :  You have the option to choose template right from here which I find very useful. Even if you have created a OneNote File, you can grab the template or change it using this Option.


The Share tab is renamed as History which is what it should have been. The previous share tab had only one option which email. It also has the option to Hide Authors right here instead of View of Office 2010.

Office 2013 OneNote Options :

General :

  • Under Personalize your copy of Microsoft, Now its optional, to choose your Name and Initials and at the same place you can change the Office Background.

Proofing :

Office OneNote 2013 now can check for Grammatical mistakes compared to only spelling checks of Office OneNote 2010.

  • Enable or Disable Check Grammar with Spelling
  • While the Hide Spelling Error also includes the option to Hide Grammar mistakes because of the option above.

Save & Backup :

It has an extra option to backup notebooks stored on Sharepoint. I wonder why this has no integration with Skydrive.

Advanced :

  • In 2010, OneNote can measure pen sensitivity, which basically reflects, if you are emphasizing more on something. This is very similar to when you write on paper. This is missing in 2013.
  • Office 2010 Instant Search integration is missing in Office 2013



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