Feed Demon Pro is Free to Download

After Google announced retirement of Google Reader, Feed Demon, a desktop client for Windows announced its retirement too. As the client was heavily dependent on Google reader it would have not made any sense. However today when I checked on Feeddemon website, it also said that FeedDemon Pro is available free download.

Feeddemon Free

This pro version of the feed reader is almost like a desktop Google reader with even more feature that many used to pay for. In this updated version, the support for Google Reader has been revoked and all other features are available.  The list is as below:

  • Tagging: You can add keywords to each item or article you read. This makes it easier for you to find it later.
  • Watches: Apart from getting new feeds, if there are some important keywords for which you want to get notified, Watches is a great feature for that. You get to narrow it down to title alone or perform a full search in the article.
  • Search Feeds:  Get notified about an article even if you are not subscribed to it.
  • Podcasts: It can download audio files automatically like articles. This can be then copied to your phone or dedicated app on desktop or any other portable device.
  • Pre-Fetch Articles: It can even download articles including images when it is kept running in the background.
  • Filter: Keep away certain articles based on keywords. This is useful when you get tons of news about the same thing when a product or feature is announced.

Since Google Reader is gone, you can always export the OMPL file from Google Reader and then import it into the Feed Demon. If you want to keep everything in place make sure to move it to Dropbox to keep everything in sync and if you ever had to reinstall Windows. In case you find that very complex, Feeddemon has an inbuilt backup and restore feature in place which you can use to get back where you left.

Overall, I will highly recommend you download even if you don’t want to use it for now. There are features which you will never find it even on Feedly or any cloud based feed service.

Download it from here Via Ghacks


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