Automatically organize Files on your Desktop using Fences Rules

Fences is a pretty old software which is the best way you can organize your desktop. It creates grids or area on your desktop where you can keep files and it stays within it. This makes sure your files are not scattered around. If you want to learn on how to use it, read our detailed post on Fences.

I had been using it for a while and in its recent update, Fences 2.0, it has introduced Rules. These rules allow you to automatically move documents into their fence. Saves time and make you even more productive. In the previous versions, you were supposed to manually move them into its specific sections.

Important : If you are using any previous version which was free and you never had a license, this upgrade will make the software as trail version. You will need to pay 10$ USD to use it beyond 30 days. I am still looking to find if there is a non commercial free version of this.

How to use Rules in Fences :

First, download the latest version of Fences  and install it. Once you install, you would see a default fence like Docs, Folders and Programs set  setup on your desktop.

Access Fences Rules

Now move your mouse over the grid and you should see a list icon getting highlighted. Click on it and it will give you option to Manage all the Rules. Once you select it, you will get another window which lists down :

  • Default Rules.
  • Option to Edit Current Rules.
  • Create New Rules.
  • Time Based Rules
  • File Size Based Rules

and so on.

Fences Rules Settings


There are few important things :

  • Automation : You can choose to Keep the rules applied all the time then it keep moving between the respective grids automatically. If you prefer to organize later, Make sure to apply the rules manually using “Apply Rules Now”. You can uncheck rules if you wish to run them one by one.
  • Editing Predefined Rules :  Some of the rules can be edited to a limit. As an example, a rule which moves all folders into a fence cannot be edited to include a file also.
  • Conflicting Rules : Don’t make lot of rules that you end up conflicting them with each other. If you do a lot, you might end up in an infinite loop.


Editing Fences Rules


Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube.

Download :

Download from Stardock


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