File Name Copier makes saving file names easy to Notepad / Clipboard

If you have ever wished that all your thousands of file’s name can be just saved to a notepad like magic, your wish has just come true with File name Copier.  It allows you to copy the name and then immediately send it to one note which you can save immediately.  It makes you so lazy that it will even open the save prompt for  you.

File name Copier

One scenario where this is useful is when you need to compare two folders which has a lot of files and you need to find which one is missing or you need to find which files with different extensions have the same name. Though many who aren’t aware of this app will probably :

  • Open the two in explorer and then re size windows to sit side by side and then compare it.
  • Smart ones will run the command prompt and then output all of them into notepad. 

But since you know about this software you will now be much faster.

How to use File Name Copier :

It’s a simple app where you can drag and drop files over three areas, Full Name  i.e. Full Path , Name + Extension  and only name.  By default it is copied to your clipboard so all you need is paste it anywhere you want using CTRL + V but if  you always like to save it to Notepad, you can configure the option in settings. You can also configure the default action of getting the type of name.

Saving File names to Notepad

Like I said when you configure for notepad it immediately opens the save prompt also so you can save it right there. This makes sure your data gets saved. Now if you want to compare move open it as excel and then use filters.  You can also use the Text merger tool and then open in excel which will be much easier. Download from here


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