Filter images by size before downloading from any website (Firefox)

Sometimes we need to download a lot of images from one particular website. However, we need only of a specific size or images which are in range with a minimum of Image size. There is where the Image Picka Extension for Firefox helps to filter images by size before downloading.

Filter images by size before downloading from any website (Firefox)

Install the extension, and then visit the website from where you want to download the pictures. Then click on the Picka extension button. It will open a new tab which will list down all the images from that website.

Filter images by size before downloading from any website (Firefox)

You can set height, width, file size, use a regular expression to filter the images. Once done, click on save, and it will download all the images.

Features of Download Image Picka Extension

  • Download an image with drag-n-drop or ctrl/shift/alt + click.
  • Show download button on hover.
  • Batch download all images from current tab or tabs to the right.
  • Filter images according to
    • min-width
    • min-height
    • file size
    • image URL
    • Copy URLs of selected images.
  • Customized filename.
  • Handle invalid characters in the filename.
  • Download from the browser cache.
  • Transform URLs with find-and-replace.

If there are too many images, you can use the slider to zoom out and see more images. If you cannot see the actual image, but a resized one, then, you can map the thumbnail URL to its original size URL by using the “transform URL” option.

The Firefox Addon also offers you to set up default settings. Right-click on the extension, and click on Manage. Here you can configure the following:

  • Pick images from the current tab, right tab, or only right tabs.
  • Default file name and extension
  • Max length of the filename
  • File name conflict handling
  • Download images with a double click or configure it to work with ALT/ CTRL/SHIFT
  • Use Regex for Batch download
  • Close tabs after saving and more.

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