Finally They did it : Wireless Electricity – A Reality Now

MIT researchers started long back in finding a solution to create Wireless electricity to free the world from wires and they finally did it.Scientists lit a 60-watt light bulb from a power source 7 feet (2 meters) away with their new technique, with no physical connection between the source and the appliance. The researchers have dubbed their concept “WiTricity,” as in “wireless electricity.”Now the batteries can even be a thing of past.!!!

Meet The Team

MIT Team

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveils its WiTricity (wireless electricity) concept today in Science Express, The method exploits an effect close to inductance which is at work in transformers used to charge everyday appliances containing coils which transmit energy to each other by electromagnetic induction.Front row: Peter Fisher and Robert Moffatt; second row: Marin Soljacic; third row: Andre Kurs, John Joannopoulos and Aristeidis Karalis.

The Concept Of Wireless Electricity

Concept of Wireless Electricity

  • Power from mains to antenna, which is made of copper
  • Antenna resonates emitting electromagnetic waves
  • Electricity picked up by laptop’s antenna, which must also be resonating at same as source.
  • Energy used to re-charge device
  • Energy not transferred to laptop re-absorbed by source antenna.

I am too excited with this as I had been keeping track of the news with my previous post and was one of my imagination seeing all those clumsy wires all around? How about U ?


  1. Funny I happened to stumble upon this today. Depending on what you believe Nikola Telsa Invented this technology when he was alive along with HARRP and many others. This is just another example of the government taking away and slowly releasing to us what we are truly able/have already to create. We live in the information age. Stay informed. If you want some more information watch parts 1 – 5. Here the link for 1.


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