Find address on Webpages in Google Maps : Chrome

Get Maps Chrome ExtensionWhen you see an address on a web page it is possible you would like to find where it is if you are visiting that place. Send to Get maps is a useful Chrome Extension which can launch any selected address into Google Maps.

This not only lets you skip couple of steps to manually find on Google Map but also verifies querying the Google Maps if the address really exists.

If the extension believes that text that you select on a webpage could be an address (has letters, numbers and has between 3 and 15 words), it sends it to the Google Maps API to see if it is a real address. 

All you need to do is select an address and then right-click. If you see the Maps marker appearing you are lucky as the address can be located. Make sure you selected at least 15 alphabets to get right results. You can also launch the get directions. Wish I can do the same from my BlackBerry but Google Maps doesn’t integrate any options where I can send selected address to Google Maps Application.


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