Find alternate words for effective writeups with Ambiguous Words

‘Ambiguous Words’ is an online resource, which basically showcases the words which have flexible meaning, in other words we can say that it is an online database of words which do have several meanings and hence are flexible. This flexibility can be utilized to flaunt you writings, let it be poems, stories, songs, or just a title of a write-up.

Using ‘Ambiguous Words’ is pretty simple, all the words available here are arranged here in terms of descending order of their flexibility.

Create attractive titles, songs, etc. using Flexible Words

Simply click on any word to get the list of possible meanings, have a look.

Get the all possible meanings and usage for a word Ambiguous Word

Shown above is the result after clicking the word ‘Light’ on the Ambiguous word Page.

In the same way you can get several words along with their meaning on ambiguous Words, so go ahead and flaunt the power of flexible words to impress others.

Visit ambiguous Words.


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