Find an alternative to any application: Alternative To

Alternative To is a online tool which allows you to find an alternative to any application.

Imagine a scenario, like you have been using some particular application ‘X’ on your system for years, somehow you feel that due to some reasons, ‘X’ doesn’t suit you the way it used to do earlier. You start hunting for alternatives to ‘X’. Here comes in picture Alternative To.

Go to Alternative To, and enter ‘X’ in search box, choose the platform (Windows, MAC, Linux, or Alternative Online tool), hit enter to get the results, or you can simply enter the application name in the search box on the home page, and later filter the results on the basis of platforms, and license type (Any License, Commercial or Free).

The results show a short description of the suggested alternative, you can click on the application name to get more details and the download link for the particular software.

As far as you are interested in exploring the alternatives, you don’t need any sign-up, however if you want to participate by suggesting a new application, commenting etc., you can create an account for you to join the community.

Alternative To, seems to be a good idea, this looks like a very simplified, non-geeky, still powerful alternative to Wakoopa.

Give it try; do share with us your experiences.

Try Alternative To


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