Find and compare Hash value of any file with a click

Ever heard of words like MD5 Hash or seen text which says please verify your file is intact with these hash values. To speak in a layman’s language Hash Values represent file integrity proof.  If I give somebody  a 100 dollar bill it remains 100$ bill anywhere it goes. Same way if I am downloading a file it should be exactly the one which is on the server.

This is important as it makes sure you dont have a corrupt file which is required when you are doing backup or downloading a backup to your computer.

Hash Verification tools comes along with some tools like some of the FTP Software, DVD burning software etc. but if you would like to see hash value in just a click you going to love Hash Tab.

This piece of software adds a new Tab in property section of any file in windows and displays the Hash Value like MD5 SHA-1 etc.

It also has a compare button which lets you select a file and comapre it with the current file to find if they both have the same has values. You can select a different algorithm and it wil automatically check for that too. Very Handy.

Compare File hashes

These are configurable and you can add many more algorithm to find more hash values by configuring the options on it.

Hash  Tab Settings

Download Hash Tab for both Mac and Windows Via Ghacks

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