Find and compare Hash value of any file in Properties window using Hashtab

Ever heard of words like MD5 Hash or seen text, which says, please verify your file is intact with these hash values? To speak in a layman’s language, Hash Values represent file integrity proof.  If I give somebody a 100 dollar bill, it remains 100$ bill anywhere it goes. Same way, if I am downloading a file, it should be precisely the one which is on the server. In this post, we will use software to find and compare the HASH value of any file using Hashtab.

Find and compare the Hash value of any file in Properties window using Hashtab

When you are downloading crucial files, it is essential to make sure it is not corrupt. Usually, it doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean it cannot occur. So make sure to perform the check for essential files.

Most of the Hash Verification tools come along with some tools like some of the FTP Software, DVD burning software, etc. but if you would like to see hash value in just a click, you going to love Hash Tab.

How to use HasTab to check file integrity?

Once installed, you will find a new tab in the properties window of any new file. Right-click, click properties, and you should see Dile Hashes. It will display CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, and so on.

Compare Hash value using hashtab

HASH values can be checked in two ways. If you have the SHA-1 values, aka HASH values, then enter in the text box, and it will instantly show a green right tick or red right tick. You can find the HASH value on the download page, which appears as soon as the file download starts.

The second is when you have the original file with you. Click on the compare button, select the original record, and you will have the result. You can choose a different algorithm above, and it will check for that as well.

To add more algorithm, click on the options button, and more. Some download server follows different types of file integrity checkers, and hence you need it for the varied requirements.

Hash Tab Settings


  • Calculate and display hash values from many popular hashing algorithms like MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL, and Whirlpool.
  • The hash comparison tool supports drag and drops, copy and paste, and even has a built-in browser option.
  • Translated into 27 languages and counting,

Download the Hash Tab for both Mac and Windows.


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