Find and replace multiple words in a file with wReplace

Find and replace is one of the most powerful features which is available in most of the standard editors. Though powerful when it comes to doing a batch replacement of multiple words in a file, replace is what you will need. In this post, we are talking about wReplace, which is a powerful utility to replace multiple words in a file.

Find replace multiple words

Find and replace multiple words in a file with wReplace

Most of the document editors come with inbuilt find and replace feature. However, you can only replace one word at a time. Using wReplace, you can make replace multiple words in one go. This application lets you add many words that are searched in the document, and for each of them, a replacement can be set, and then all of it can be run in one go.

And if you use some combination of words every day, which is common in a document editing environment, you can save those to load it every day and just run it quickly. It saves a lot of time.

Search for characters from the specified group

You can search for these special characters:

  • Non-ASCII Character — Characters with codes higher than 127.
  • Non-Alphabetic (& nonwhite) Character — Characters different from letters and white characters.
  • Non-Numeric (& nonwhite) Character — Characters different from digits and white characters.
  • Non-Alphanumeric (& non-white) Character — Characters different from letters, digits, and white characters.
  • Punctuation – Punctuation marks (e.g. “.”, “:”, “-“, “‰”).
  • White Character – White characters (e.g., space, newline, tab).

Click on Edit > Search for > select the option.

Edit multiple rows in the replacement tables

  • Drag your mouse between rows or press the SHIFT key and then select the first and last row.
  • To select all rows, press Ctrl + A.
  • Use F2 to Edit each of the rows.
  • Press OK, this will change the chosen field in all selected rows.

Important Keyboard shortcuts

  • F6 – Show the “Replacement Table” window.
  • F4 – Repeat Special search.
  • Ctrl + N – Add new row.
  • F3 – Find next.
  • Shift + F3 – Find previous.

Download wReplace

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