Find duplicate songs by comparing sound content

Tag Scanner is an ultimate software if you have huge number of songs database and you maintain information on each of them accurately. This software lets you manage allID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, Window’s Media and MP4(iTunes) tags.

But the disadvantage of having so many files is the number of unknown duplicate files you might get. You can find duplicate music files by comparing names or even tags sometimes but you can never find a song which is same in all characteristics except the song itself.And this is what Similar Music does topping rest of the song file comparing software.

Similarity now only checks for music tags and file content i.e. byte by byte comparison but also similarity in sound part of track is checked. They call it as  Sound content comparison which  decodes the sound to raw sound format and after used in different mathematical calculations to get unique sound estimation (hash). Read More

Find duplicate song by content
Find duplicate song by content

This makes the sound comparison much accurate and lets you find more number of duplicate files.  Download Similarity from here


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