Find how fast your website is loading in a country :

Location of your hosting is one of the major reason to determine how fast your website loads. So if you website is hosted in US servers time taken will be far more less for somebody accessing from that country compared to outside it. So if you are working from India and you are calculating your website loading time, it will be applicable only for that region.

Loads.In is a an Page Speed Measurement Tool which gives you load time according to a country and for a particular browser with screenshots on how much your website was loaded after every 2 seconds. You also get a waterfall model of how fast each element of your website loaded along with details on server, eTag, cache control, expire date etc.

Site Loading time according to countries

What is do different about this tool?

There are lot more tools available in market which is free and much more powerful, Google PageSpeed Tool (gives you optimized CSS, JS and Images to download right there ) is one such example.  However location awareness feature of this tool makes it a completely different beast. For example if your major business is in Russia you can find out how much time your website is taking if you host it in US. If it’s more you can think of either buying another server in Russia and send users to that server according to the country.

Other Features:

  • Loads.In also helps you in viewing your site in different browser which helps you find any error if it is location specific or browser specific. Supports Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • 50 Locations Supported around the world.
  • JavaScript Errors
  • Remember any previous check done. So if you want to compare the data is right there.
  • You can download the timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format. You can use a PHP Based or HAR Viewer to read the details. It contains details on request, response, cache, timings etc.

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