Find How many DMCA Notice a website has received via Google

Inside search blog announced that starting next week, Google will be including another factor into their search ranking which will be based on “How many times or numbers of DMCA, the copyright infringement notice, a website has received using the Google’s DMCA form.

This is going to be a very important factor because many websites, specially file sharing websites rank a lot higher for files which they should not be hosting. This not only makes users search more painful but also affects the Original Content writers and those own the file go deep down in search result, only to be never found again.

Good thing is, Google has its DMCA Counter open for all and for anybody to check. This not only explains about the whole process but also lets you check how many DMCA notice a website has received.  If you want to check it for a website you own or any other website then take the below URL as example and replace with your domain name.


Google DMCA Notice Details


What details you get to see :

  • You can see the count of DMCA notice
  • Frequency of Request made, How many URL are out of index, First and Last date of requests made.
  • Who are the top copyright owners
  • Who are the top reporting organizations

It is also possible to see the details of each request made and what where the domains listed in that DMCA Notice.

So does that mean getting a lot of DMCA Notice can hit your ranking ?

I guess no because a DMCA request is only a notice which is like debate and one has to win. If somebody sends you a DMCA notice and you do not respond back using the counter DMCA notice form, the other guy will win.

Apart from this, Google also fights on behalf of you before you even get a DMCA Notice. This does not mean it fights you in the court but Google takes the initiative to decide if the DMCA notice is a valid one. So if you had just talked about a move, a DMCA notice might not be a valid one here.

So only a valid DMCA will add into your account.


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