8 Best Road Trip Calculator Apps to Find How Much It Costs to Drive

Are you eager to finally go on that long-awaited road trip? Have you considered downloading the best road trip calculator apps and finding out how much it costs to drive?

Road trips do sound fun but planning them is simply exhausting. Apart from planning, you also need to have an estimation of the costs. That way, you can understand the expenses and prepare mentally.

Calculating the costs of driving for your road trip is stressful and complicated. You must remember the kilometers, fuel price, and more! That’s a lot of unwanted stress. You can opt for the best road trip calculator apps to enjoy your road trip without lingering anxiety.

Best Road Trip Calculator Apps

Eight Best Road Trip Calculator Apps

In this article, we will talk about the top eight road trip calculator apps that will help you find the driving cost that you have incurred. The list is as follows:

  1. Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker
  2. GasBuddy
  3. Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker
  4. Fuelio
  5. MyFuelLog2
  6. Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage log
  7. My Cars (Fuel logger++)
  8. Fuel Manager (Consumption)

Without further delay, let’s dive into the list featuring all the best apps to help you find your driving cost while on a road trip.

1] Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

Fuelly - MPG & Service Tracker

One of the best road trip calculator apps you can check out is Fuelly. With this app, you can track the vehicle’s fuel economy seamlessly. Apart from that, you can also acquire access to maintenance records at all times. You can store vital vehicle-related documents via PDFs and images.

The app also integrates seamlessly with Fuelly.com. Fuelly.com is one of the most popular websites for gas mileage tracing. In the app, various information is displayed in chart forms. These include MPG, service costs, gas expenses, and prices.

Moreover, you can also set up reminders for various maintenance tasks. For instance, you can set up an alert for oil changes or rotate the tires. The app is perfectly compatible with different vehicles.

There are two modes of usage of the app. You can either opt for the free version or pay the subscription fee. The premium version offers additional benefits, such as removing ads, adding PDFs and photos, etc.

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2] GasBuddy

GasBuddy Fuel Calculator

Do you want to opt for a reliable and efficient road trip calculator app? In that case, choosing GasBuddy is an excellent idea. GasBuddy has been offering incredible services for over two decades, saving $3.1+ billion for its customers.

One of the most exciting gas tools is the gas price charts. Here, you will access historical data on the average gas price nationally compared to where you are going. You can customize the chart with three places. The price is shown in US and Canadian currencies.

Other features include a gas price map, fuel demand, fuel insights, outage tracker, vehicle recalls, and fuel logbook. You can also determine the cost of your entire trip with GasBuddy. You must enter starting location, destination, trip type, measurements, and vehicle information.

Apart from offering various gas tools, you can also find the nearest gas station. The search functionality of the app is impressive. You can search by city, state and province, and brand.

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3] Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker

Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker

If you are looking for an excellent road trip calculator app, you can opt for Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker. You won’t have any regret! The app has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features.

The app provides different units of measurement for mileage calculation. That way, you can choose the unit you want with ease. Another exciting feature is the statistics available on fuel prices, consumption of gas, and vehicle prices.

However, the best aspect of the app is that it is not dependent on an internet connection. You can use Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker in the most remote places. That, in itself, makes the app an incredible choice for travelers.

It is natural to want to know the petrol costs of the road trip you are planning. That is why Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker makes it easier for travelers. You can manage various vehicles and set the fuel types seamlessly.

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4] Fuelio

Fuelio Gas Calculator

Another top-notch road trip calculator app you can use is Fuelio. The app is easy to use and available for Android and iOS platforms. Founded in the year 2011, Fuelio remained a hobby project for some time till Sygic took over the reins. Fuelio is a top-ranking app for tracking gas consumption, mileage, gas prices, etc.

Fuelio is an excellent vehicle management app. It comes with a wide range of features. For instance, the fill-ups feature allows users to track the mileage log, fuel consumption, gas prices, GPS location, etc. You can also calculate vehicle expenses and divide them into different categories, such as parking fees, service charges, etc.

If you are forgetful about service visits, reminders will help you. You can set them up and get notified before you go for the maintenance checkup. Besides, customization makes the app even more popular. You can use light or dark themes and instantly change the app’s look.

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5] MyFuelLog2

myFuelLog -Car Maintenance

We understand that planning a road trip is never easy. Add to that the stress of estimating the price of driving. For that, choosing MyFuelLog2, one of the best road trip calculator apps, is a great idea. You can keep track of gas consumption and vehicle expenses with ease.

The app is user-friendly, and the interface is straightforward. On the main screen, you can add an image of your car and customize it accordingly. This app will give you charts of various aspects, such as expenses and km per day. It is easy to set reminders so that you don’t forget vehicular maintenance.

Exciting features include importing data from other apps such as Fuelio, FuelBuddy, etc., and backing up data on the cloud on OneDrive, DropBox, Google, etc. You can also manage multiple vehicles and track the service costs seamlessly. Besides, you can take photos of the receipts and bills and export them in Excel, PDF, CSV, and more!

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6] Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage log

Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage Log

Did you know that Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage log offers a wide range of features? No wonder this road trip calculator app has gained such massive popularity. The app provides many features, making it a perfect companion for road trips.

One of the most exciting features is the availability of geolocation. You can track gas stations seamlessly. Apart from that, the app keeps a record of the fuel log with price, quantity, and odometer. You can also attain access to the statistics of mileage and gas use.

The app supports multiple units, such as SI, US, and Imperial. It also shows fuel consumption in MPL, L/100km, MPG, etc.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use app, you can rely on Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage log. When you purchase gas, enter the amount spent and the present odometer value. The app will automatically calculate the gas mileage and maintain the record for further usage.

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7] My Cars (Fuel logger++)

Fuel Logger Android Track Fuel

My Cars (Fuel logger++) is a popular road trip calculator app for travelers. It is easy to use, intuitive, and incredibly reliable. You can customize it as per your needs with ease. For instance, you can personalize bill types, fuel types, etc.

The app supports various types of vehicles. These include cars, bikes, tractors, trucks, boats, etc. It also displays distance, fuel efficiency, bills, fuel costs, quantity, and more! You will also get charts of average lines, odometer overtime, etc.

It records missed refuels, refuels with gauge, and missed refuels. You can also set up reminders, so you don’t miss a maintenance appointment for your vehicle. Apart from that, you can also store car records such as pictures, insurance numbers, etc.

The app is free, but you can also opt for the pro version. With a subscription, you will get access to other features. These include backup to/from Dropbox, Google Cloud Print support, currency and trip management, etc.

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8] Fuel Manager (Consumption)

Fuel Manager App Track Fuel

The last on the list of the best road trip calculator apps are Fuel Manager (Consumption). The app is the first on Google Play Store to support dual-fuel consumption. It means you can track fuel economy for petrol and gas seamlessly.

Here, you will get access to graphs and statistics for more information. You can also calculate fuel consumption for one or more tanks. The app will offer separate and combined stats at your convenience if you want. You can even import and export data.

With this app, users can handle multiple vehicles. But, for that, you will need the pro version. You can also sync the app with the cloud and other devices. In-app purchases are also available.

The app is easy to customize and comes with 16 themes. You can choose the one you want with relative ease. Also, the settings are easy to handle. Using the widgets for easy addition or editing is impressive.

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These are the best road trip calculator apps. You can use them and predict the overall price of driving. Remember that you always need to keep some cash for unexpected occurrences! We love road trips. Don’t you? Then, what are you waiting for? Check out these apps and pack your bags for the road trip immediately!


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