Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

Have you ever found yourself lost in translation, and you want to use some easy tool? Many apps can help you to understand and practice English. You can download these apps on your computer or smartphone. Using such apps, you can try a quick and fun language lesson and find out how you can use them to improve your language skills. Here are some of the best iPhone apps to learn how words are pronounced in different languages.

The biggest challenge while learning English is its pronunciation. If you are mispronouncing words in English, it can completely change their meanings. Hence, it is pretty essential to handle this part of English language learning.

A language app comes in handy when traveling to someplace where English is the native language and is widely spoken. Your main priority when learning the language should be that you know the pronunciation. It is okay if your vocabulary is very basic or limited. If your pronunciation of words is wrong, no one will understand you.

Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

Use Of Speech Recognition Apps For Language Learning

Using a speech recognition app can certainly help you to fine-tune your language pronunciation. When you practice speaking some language on your own, it’s challenging to listen and judge where you’re making mistakes. So having a language learning app that can point out your problems is a helpful way to decide where you need to work.

Since you are working with a non-real person, an application, you won’t feel embarrassed about making mistakes. Practicing with an app will make you confident in yourself. It will take away some of the fear of talking with actual native speakers.

Finally, language learning apps provide a flexible study option. You can practice whenever you want, without a schedule. That means you can do some extra speech practice whether you’re in the waiting line, relaxing, walking around, etc.

Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

If you want to improve your Language pronunciations, check out some of the most popular language apps that are available below:


Howsjay app Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

Howjsay is a free online tool that is quite convenient to use. Using this tool, go and write the word you want in English, check the correct pronunciation, and check if you pronounce it correctly.


Spell Up

SpellUp app Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

It is a free resource app that Google created. It’s a learning program that helps with English pronunciation, thanks to a sophisticated voice recognition system.

It focuses on the user to correctly spell the words that they are hearing. As soon as the user hears letters and words, they will stack up in the tower form. The difficulty level of the pronunciation increases the higher the tower gets.



Forvo app Best iPhone Apps to Learn How Words Are Pronounced in Different Languages

This website is a collaborative effort created with the help of users from all around the world.

It is an exciting application by which you can search any word and check its pronunciation from various places and with accents. In this tool, there are above 120,000 different pronunciations.


English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation app

This app will let you understand the correct pronunciation of every new word that you learn in English.

With it, you will emit different sounds, you will hear given examples, and you can even record your voice. Thus, you will be able to check that your pronunciations in English are correct.


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Memrise app

This app has adopted features from both Duolingo and Anki apps. Memrise focuses on stimulating your memory with a very interactive approach by making the learning experience enjoyable. It is a free app available on the internet. Memrise is an educational app for learning a foreign language containing thousands of videos in which natives speak in their language. This way, they tell you the correct English pronunciation for every word, and you can test what you have learned by playing some simple games.

Memrise app allows you to learn about the history and culture of the English language. Memrise tool uses memory tricks that will help you learn words quickly, and with every correct answer, you will receive some points. You can compete with other people using this app.

But the downside is that you will be introduced to only three to four new words or phrases with each lesson. This tool will not offer you explanations related to English grammar or reading.



Duolingo App

With the Duolingo app, it’s elementary to follow English lessons. You will learn by translating phrases written by native English speakers.

While using this app, you will feel like playing some game rather than learning something. When you complete a lesson, you will earn points. When you make mistakes, it costs you ‘lives’. Once your chance is complete, you have to retake the lesson.

Duolingo is a free app that is dedicated to learning how to read and speak English.

But in Duolingo, the teaching method is somewhat limited. The quiz only focuses on a single aspect of the English language, and you can’t develop too many conversational skills.



Bussu App

By using the Busuu app, you can learn English by making live conversations with native language speakers. You can make video conversations with your language partner through a video recording system.

It’s quite an interactive method. It is not only fun; instead, you can improve your pronunciation skills very fast. On this app, your language partner will correct you instantly when you’re wrong.

The basic version of the application is free for users, while there are some charges for the premium version. With the premium package, apart from the conversations, you can have with native speakers, you can also have added access to grammar lessons. But the Busuu app does not have a provision that will help you retain the history of what you have learned. Also, it focuses mainly on formal and conversational skills.



Babbel App

Babbel app helps English language learners to obtain basic conversational skills. Each lesson lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. You will learn new words, hear a dialogue, get grammatical instructions. You can review everything you learned and memorize it by doing practice lessons.

By using a recording feature, you can check your pronunciation. If you are wrong somewhere, the Babbel app will correct you. Babbel is a user-friendly tool, and you can use the app without an internet connection also.

But Babbel doesn’t give you the option to repeat slides or audio recordings. To recap, you have gone through an entire lesson twice.


Why Should You Follow To Speak Like A Native English Speaker?

Practicing to speak as a native English speaker helps:

  • To acquire the interest and accent in the language.
  • To retain correct vocabulary.
  • To make the best use of technology.
  • To be habitual of using idioms in routine speaking.
  • Fine-tuning the pace and clarity of speaking
  • To read aloud and gel well with native speakers

How Will Speech Recognition Be Used To Teach A Person To Speak Words In A Foreign Language?

For new language learning, speech recognition tools can be pretty helpful. They can teach you the correct pronunciation. In addition, it helps a person to develop fluency in their speaking skills. It allows persons with learning disabilities to become better writers.


Using these tools will improve your English pronunciation, as pronunciation is a primary factor in communicating effectively in a foreign language.

Although these resources are pretty helpful in practicing pronunciation, they are not a substitute for learning a language as you do at a qualified language center. These language apps are not a replacement for an actual English language course. They offer you a basic understanding of the English language and fine-tune your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.


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