Find if a movie is worth watching in theaters: Hello Movies

Watching movies at theaters are expensive and that means that you just cannot think of watching all the movies there. Remember in college days we used to get CD’s of movies which were not worth watching at theaters and save some money.

Hello Movies works on the similar line and helps you in finding if the movie is worth watching based on the user experience and if you want to watch it on your computers, it can tell you where you get the movie from like iTunes, Netflix, Xbox Live etc. ( Picrap is another alternative to watch full length movies )

Hello Movies Review

The service is absolutely free but if you sign up with them you get more bonus at no cost. For example you can catalog your favorite movies, find out what your friends are watching and more. This way you save money for those extra dollars spent at theaters.  Try out Hello Movies. 

PS: In case you still want to watch movies in Theaters, Here is one google search trick  which lets you find it.


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