How To Find Latitude and Longitude on Google Maps

Usually, you probably use Google Maps by entering your destination’s address, name, or landmark. Surprisingly, You can navigate with Google Maps using another method- Latitude and Longitude. Moreover, you can also find out the latitude and longitude of any place with the help of Google Maps. This article will cover how to find latitude and longitude on Google Maps using Desktop, Android, and iOS.

Find Latitude and Longitude on Google Maps

How To Find Latitude and Longitude on Google Maps

You can get exact coordinates for any location with the help of Google Maps. This guide will cover how to do that on your computer, iPhone, and android. Before we proceed, we recommend you update the Google Maps app on your device for better results.

There are two methods to do so, depending on the device you use:

  1. Google Maps on Desktop & Mac
  2. Google Maps on Android and iOS

Here’s how you can get latitudes and longitude in each of them!

1] Get Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps Desktop & Mac

Finding longitude and latitude from Google Maps on your computer is pretty simple. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Open Google Maps in any browser on Mac or PC.
  • Type the location or area’s name and search for it.
  • Once you have found it, right-click on the location’s nameGoogle Maps Desktop Copy Lattitude Longitude
  • On the top of the list, the longitude and latitude of that location will appear
  • Click on it to copy the coordinates to your clipboard

By now, you have retrieved the longitude and the latitude for any location or area. The best part of having a coordinate is to type or paste them in the search box, which will directly take you there.

2] Get Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps Android and iPhone

It is also possible to get the Latitude and longitude of any location with Google Maps on an android smartphone. The steps are also very similar. Follow these steps to get coordinates for any specific location.

Android Google Maps Find Lattitude Longitude

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
  • Tap and hold an area of the map that isn’t labeled to drop a red pin.
  • Expand the menu, and you should see the coordinates. At times, it also appears in the search bar of Google Maps.
  • Tap to copy.

That said, the process has a significant drawback. It does not work for the places mapped to draw a red pin by Google Maps.


You can also follow these steps to find the longitude and latitude for any location on Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or tablet. Further, you can use these coordinates to share the exact location or use them to search on Google Maps.

Which Format Does Google Maps Use for Latitude and Longitude?

Usually, the coordinates will be in Decimal degrees (DD) format. Google Maps support these three longitude and latitude formats: Degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS): 23° 7′ 8.829” N 118° 17′ 1.383” W, Degrees, and decimal minutes (DDM): 74 7.9278, -692 18.1052, Decimal degrees (DD): 94.19314, -829.99478. Under every location, you should see both DMS and GPS format for longitude and latitude. If not, you can use any online tool to convert DMS to GPS format.


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