Find, Listen and Download MP3 songs with Booster

Mix Turtle, SondZit, Clickster , SoundZit and Coda.FM are few of the tools which we have used and recommended for people who love to listen music online and also like to download. Today we are adding another awesome Music Search Engine, Booster, to our list which is not only reliable but has huge index of MP3 songs which are hosted around the web.

Music Search Engine

This site lets you find like a normal search but because of the index which not only has file name information but also pulls details from the meta data or the ID3 tags of songs to create s robust index. This makes sure you get a nicer experience.

Even though they have a good index but files are played directly from the source. I tried a couple of songs and it worked well but IMO users experience might differ according to location etc. Find more details in here

You can also create your account and have an online playlist which you can use any where you have access to Internet. This makes sure that you get the music any where any time.



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