Find what is taking space on Hard Drive with Windows Directory Statistics

Many a time we just keep loosing space in our hard drive on Windows. We just don’t know where all the space is going even though we all try to run clean up utility and keep checking here and there for the unwanted files. It just doesn’t seem to work and you are either lost or call a friend for some help. In this post, we will share software that will help you identify what is taking space on your hard drive.

Find what is taking space on Hard Drive

If this is your problem and you want to find where all your space is getting lost,  have a look at WinDirStats or Windows Directory Statistics. It is an open-source program that creates a Tree-like structure for all the drives in your computer with the percentage of space occupied. This gives you a clear idea which folder occupies more space and you can inspect quickly.

Taking Space Hard Drive
Win Dir Stats Tree Report of Disk usage

This tree report of disk usage gives you every minor detail. It includes a number of files in each directory, a number of files are available in each directory, last changed status, the number of subdirectories inside, etc. You also can delete your files from here and open in command prompt and explorer.

Graphical Representation of what is occupying space

Now if you are worried to find which file type is occupying more space, WinDirStats also gives a graphical representation of the complete drive showing you which extensions are occupying how much space. This diagram is a must-see, might look little alien but once you know it you gonna love it.

Win Dir Stats Extension Usage List
Win Dir Stats Extension Usage List

Each of the extensions is given specific colors which are ultimately mapped to the image below. They occupy space in the same ratio as they occupy the space in the hard disk.

Windown Diskuage Diagram Taking Space Hard Drive
Windows Disk usage Diagram

Now if you are thinking that alien diagram is just for show off then just try clicking on it and you will be surprised. Each block in that diagram points to a particular file and selecting the block means selecting the file. The same thing happens when you select a folder.

Select Files and Folders from Graph Taking Space Hard Drive
Select Files and Folders from Graph

You can do a Zoom in, Zoom out, Select the parent directory or open it in explorer. Doing everything from the Stats Diagram is fun for people like me who just try it doing in a different way.

WInDirStats is completely configurable. Take a look at the options menu in it. You can configure how your tree stats should look like and the same goes for the Directory list. 

Concluding WinDirStats is an ultimate tool for finding and managing files that occupy much more space and you have no idea to find it. It free, just give it a try by downloading at WinDirStat

PS: If Linux users want to have this you can try KDirStat it runs fine on every X11 desktop, i.e., it runs on Linux, BSD, and lots of other Unix-type systems (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX ).


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