Find missing Pre-requisites on Windows before installing

Windows Only : Many a times it so happens that you had run a 15 minute setup only to find out that a pre-requisite software is not installed on your computer or the installation detect what needs to do be downloaded and takes hours for some reason which you feel you would have done in couple of minutes because you had the software with you.

Though many of us do expect that this kind of information should be given before it goes ahead with installation but since many don’t make check first, Its time for you to use Dependency Checker.

Why dependency Checker?

This application is built using Microsoft’s patterns and practices and you can run it any time to find out the most common pre-requisite software installations.  It gives you a list of software installed and if it is not, you get direct link to installation which you can use to download.  You get also clear installation on how install it.

Dependecy Checker Scan

What does Dependency Checker Looks for ?

  • Registry settings
  • Specific software packages, hot fixes, databases, certificates, and files
  • Querying WMI and the user profile
  • Performing SQL queries
  • Checking for Web Platform Installer products
How to add your checks ? ( Bit Complicated )

This is not for everybody but if you can get it done by somebody else who is a developer,  you can get your own custom checks done. In the folder look for a file DependencyChecker.exe.config. In here you need to define

  • What you need to check
  • Type which can be Database, Registry etc
  • and then set the link from where it can downloaded.
Dependcy checker configuration


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