Find My Computer or This PC icon in Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 has improved from its predecessors in several ways, but it also changed several things that some users may have grown to rely upon. If you have ever used a computer running older versions of Windows, then you would have noticed that there’s was a My Computer shortcut present right on the desktop. However, with the newer versions of Windows, Microsoft has decided to hide or remove the desktop icon. In case you are too used to it and would like to use it rather than directly pulling up the file explorer; This post will guide you on finding My Computer or This PC in Windows 11/10.

Note: With Windows 11/10, Microsoft has replaced My Computer with This PC

Find My Computer or This PC icon in Windows 10

Find My Computer or This PC icon in Windows 11/10

Users can either directly open the This PC/ My Computer in Windows 11/10 or create a shortcut on the desktop for quick access.

  1. Using the Start Search Box
  2. Using File Explorer
  3. Create This PC Shortcut Windows

1] Using the Start Search Box

Find My Computer or This PC icon in Windows 10

If the This PC or My Computer icon isn’t accessible to you from the desktop or you would like to keep your desktop clean, by hiding the icons, one could access the This PC application using the Start Search Box. Here’s how to do so:

  • Bring up the Start Search Box by either clicking on the Type here to search text present right next to the Windows icon on the left corner or simply pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Next, search for My Computer or This PC based on your version of windows.
  • Here, on the page where the results are listed, choose the main listed result.

2] Using File Explorer

This PC file Explorer

Microsoft has also included a This PC Shortcut in the File Explorer window with Windows 11/10; here’s how to find the “This PC” window.

  • Open the File Explorer either using the icon present in the taskbar or searching for the same in the Start Search Box and choosing the main listed result.
  • Next, from the navigation pane present on the left, please choose the one stating This PC with the computer icon present right next to it.

You can also set File Explorer to directly open This PC.

3] Create This PC Shortcut Windows

Create This PC Shortcut Windows

If the “This PC” icon is missing from your desktop, you can bring it back by creating a shortcut for the same. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open the Settings Panel in Windows 11/10 (Win + I)
  • Navigate to Personalization – > Themes. This could also be done by making a right-click on the desktop and choosing Personalize from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, from the panel on the right, choose Desktop Icon Settings.
  • This will open a new Window, hereunder Desktop Icons, check the checkbox stating Computer.
  • Click on Apply and then OK.

With this, the “This PC” icon should now be back on your desktop and ready to use.

Bonus: Right Click the newly created shortcut, from the drop-down, choose Rename; If you would like to bring back the old memories, just name it back to My Computer, and you’re good to go.

Pin Settings or Folders to Desktop

Windows  Start menu is still one of the most used features in Windows 11/10. Power users want everything on Taskbar or desktop and even use the Run Prompt to launch applications. However, if you are one of those who have everything sorted in the Start, such as the This PC window, here is how to Pin Settings & Folders to Windows 11/10 Start Menu.

With that said, do you prefer to keep the This PC icon on your desktop or hidden? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.


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