Find nearest Pizza place with Pizza Share

Bored of daily evening routine and want to hangout at  a new place or lets you are traveling and in mood of eating pizza ? Pizza Share is here to help you out. This brand new service lets you find a new pizza place on Google maps according to Zip code or place name. Since this is more of user contributed stuff it sounds more appealing to me.

Find nearest Pizza place
Find nearest Pizza place

The best part is you get the exact address of that place,  phone number and with a count head telling you how many people shared or recommended it.  This makes lot of sense. I can even order a pizza and I will also know how popular that place is.

The only thing missing here is a review of that place. Why ? The count tells you how many people shared it but how was their experience on it ? Good ? Bad ? I don’t know. Even then its pretty good service which you can give a try for sure. Check out Pizza Share


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