Find out how many times your post was Tweeted/Retweeted

Bloggers and Webmasters are often interested in knowing that how many times a particular URL from their website was featured on Twitter, in other words one might be interested in knowing that how many times a particular page from your blog or website was Tweeted or Retweeted.

Here is an amazing online tool, BackTweets, which can help you with this, all you need to do is simply key-in the URL and it will return you the list of Tweets for that particular page. What about the Short URLs? That is probably something you are thinking about right now, isn’t it?

Don’t worry; it is smart enough to take care of them as well, have a look.

BackTweets how many times a page was tweeted

It also has the ‘Advance Search’ option, using which you can search for the Tweets between a specific time span.

Advance Search option in BackTweets

You can also opt for an E-mail alert, exactly like Google Alerts, this too will deliver the Tweet details in your inbox.

So, go ahead and check it out, hope you will like it.

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