Find Out Which Device Is That Unknow Device on Windows

Windows has done a good job when it comes to identifying devices, but many a time but it is possible only if the hardware is known to windows someway. Still, there are many scenarios when Windows fail to find a device that is listed as Unknown Device in the Device Manager.

Now the pain begins when there are a couple of such devices them and since nothing is known, we can keep finding and searching about it in round-robin fashion.

Unknown Devices is a free application that helps you in finding out what exactly the device is by looking into the raw hardware details where manufacturers leave their signature and identifications.

When you launch this application, it lists down details of all the hardware connected with the computer. Next, you can navigate to the Unknown devices list and expand it. In here, you will see two sections, one is Windows, and the Second is the database. Under Database, you should find details about the hardware with a a high possibility of identifying the device.

Find out unknow devices

If you are geeky enough, this software is not magic but uses Windows inbuilt calls to find such details. It is possible to find the hardware and Vendor ID manually and search into the PCI database to find the driver, but the software above makes the job lot easier.

How to find hardware and vendor id

I really wish this application had an option to export details into a text file. This would have made it a lot easy for one to reach technical support in some way. As of now, you can take screenshots and get the job done.


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