Find popular baby names on Google Maps

Finding baby name is one big search many new parents do and we all try to figure out a baby name which is uncommon, unique and still sound good :). Tough but not impossible.

Baby Name Map is cool google maps driven service which lets you find popular baby names around teh globe. If you are wondering I was saying uncommon baby names, yes this tool can help you skip those common names to find uncommon name right!!.

With 14 countries in the list, it gives you count of whats hot and whats not baby names statewise. I am assuming this service is using some kind of survey or online services. The Baby Name Map currently has over 100,000 unique names from 14 different countries.

Also you can see the list of popular baby names with count, rating etc making it easier for you to find your baby name. If you are enthusiastic about keeping a name from different country for your baby this is a good place to start with.

Check out Popular baby names


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