Find Social Media records of any person : KGB People

‘KGB People’ is the name of the search engine, which when queried for a name, produces the comprehensive results, which tell you about the profiles with that specific name on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also it allows you to have a look at any kind of other online entries with this name.

It has a simple search engine like interface, have a look.

Comprehensively search for a name in multiple=

Let us have a look at the way it provides the results.

Comprehensively search for a name in multiple=

The animation above clearly shows what KGB People is all about, it searches for the name for any type of online entry of this name, let it be the profile name on Social networking sites, entries for the name in Search engines, entries in Documents which are available online.

There is also a ‘Search settings’ option under the query field, here you can edit the search settings based upon the way you want to get the results.

KGB People is a nice service and quite useful in terms while you are searching for someone.

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