Find the expansions of Computer related Acronyms: AcronymGenie

AcronymGenie is a light weight desktop application which can help you find expansions of almost every computer and internet related Acronym.

Using the AcronymGenie is simple all you need to do is simply type in the Acronym and as soon as you are done with the typing, you get to see the expansion in the window below.

AcronymGenie also tell you the meanings of smileys which are an important part on internet lingo. You can get the meanings of smileys by clicking on the yellow smiley button in the main window.

There are search and anagram options as well, search button allows you to search the database of acronyms and expansions based on strings, as shown below.

Anagram option allows you to search the database by entering an acronym in shuffled way as well.

AcronymGenie is a nice tool for you if you are someone who deals with computer and internet acronyms quite frequently, go ahead and give it a try, do share your views about it with us via comments.

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