Find the Shortest Path or Route between two Wikipedia Articles

I don’t know why somebody will need this, but this is something really amazing to see, this is an online tool, which does the job of finding the shortest browsing path from one Wikipedia article to other. If you have browsed through Wikipedia, you must have seen the links (hyperlinks) which take you to other Wikipedia article from the one you are reading currently.

It has simple interface which has two fields, From and To, all you need to do is enter the name of article From one Wikipedia article To other Wikipedia article, and click on the ‘Get’ button, and you get the results as shown below.

Shortest Path or Route From one Wikipedia Article to other

Interesting, isn’t it? Go ahead and give it a try, also if you have any clues, that what could be the purpose of such an online tool, do share with us your views in comments.

Try Find the shortest route between two Wikipedia articles


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