Find / Track your lost or stolen laptop with Laptop Lock

Laptop Lock is a free stolen laptop tracking software which lets you find and track  in case your laptop gets stolen or lost. It also lets you secure your important data using file encryption or permanent deletion of files from your computer when it is reported lost or stolen.

This application has 2 parts. First part deals with online registration of your laptop on their site.  Once the laptop is registered a unique ID is given to you. Second part  lets you configure this ID  with the software that actually helps to track stolen laptop.

Add computer to laptop lock

After you are done with registering your laptop, every time your laptop is turned on it checks with their servers to find if it has been reported lost.  In case its lost it runs predefined security plans i.e. Deletion or encryption of secured data, running a notification program. This is very useful in case you know your laptop is out of reach but saves your data.

configure your laptop

How do you track your stolen laptop ?

As I said before that every time the computer is turned on this software registers the location ( using IP ) on their mapping service.  This mapping service helps you to locate stolen laptop on google maps. If its possible for you to get in touch with local police and track it dont set security plan to delete files, instead encrypt it.

Security Plans

This software also allows you to execute some program in case of laptop theft. This program could be anything right from running a funky program to confuse the thief or to format all the drive. You can even think of setting a  drafted mail, which contains stolen laptop serial number which is sent at this pint of time.

What If you know the laptop cannot be recovered :

Since its possible then you might not get your laptop back but its possible that you get your data back without even letting the thief know about it. I would suggest to use a program like Dropbox or Box.Net which syncs data between your computer and online server.

You can configure files to be copied to Sync folder and it copies to online server and then encrypt the files so that they become unusable. The last step would be to uninstall this program since this software also allows you to decrypt the files. You never know how smart the thief is.

What if the  the thief is smart enough to not to connect to internet ?

In this case Laptop Lock software asks for a password.  This is the same password you had configured when you had installed this application for the first time.

When stolen laptop tracking software might not work ?

  • In case the laptop drives are formatted
  • Not sure if the program works if I have a password lock to my account. Somebody will have to break into my account to do that.

So if you are concerned about securing your laptop and data this software is very usful. Give Latop Lock a try , Its absolutely free.



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