Find Train timings, PNR status, Seat availability on Android Phone

If you are in India, and travel in trains, Indian Rail Info App is a great way to access several set of information related to Indian Railways on your Android Device. This application is capable of finding almost all the information an Indian Railways Customer will ever be interested in. in other words, it is as good as accessing the Official Indian Railways Site.

As soon as you launching the application, you get to see the options available, as shown below.

Indian Rail Info Free Android App for Indian Railways

Later you can search for PNR status, results of which are as shown below.

Get the PNR status with Free Indian Rail Info Android App

Here is the list of features for Indian Rail Info App –

  • Check the current PNR status for any ticket.
  • You can set a home station for yourself, and later perform seat availability search.
  • It also allows you to perform advance seat availability between two stations for specific train number, on a specific date.
  • You can find the available trains running between a pair of station.
  • You can search for new train numbers.
  • Arrival and departure timings.
  • You can view the Train running Status too.  (Last three options can be accessed by using your phone’s menu button).

Here are some snapshots of the app which also show the results given by it –

Indian Rail Info App seems to be a must have for you; it could be useful in so many scenarios, right from when you are planning a travel to throughout your travelling schedule. Also in cases when you have to receive your friend or family from the station, you can get the exact arrival timing using the train running info and other options.

To download and install this app for free, you can search “Indian Rail Info App” in the market. Do share your views about the app with us; we would love to hear from you.


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