Find What Is Occupying Your Hard Disk Space in Windows

A hard disk or SSD has finite storage capacity, and it is not a new instance when a hard disk’s storage is full. If it’s making you wonder what is taking all the space, then this post will help you find what is occupying your hard disk space in Windows.

We will be going over a list of third-party and free-to-use softwares that will analyze your hard disk and give you a breakdown of what is taking up space in your hard drive. This way, you can delete the files and folders you don’t need and utilize the Disk’s storage to its full capacity.

Why do Hard Disk or SSD Storage Space Run Out of Space?

Sometimes a hard disk’s storage capacity reaches its limit faster than the user expects. It can imply that the computer has created some files or folders on its own that take up space in your hard drive and might not be needed. Or it’s the user who keeps storing files, which again may not be required, and forgets about it.

Find What Is Occupying Your Hard Disk Space

Find What Is Occupying Hard Disk Space In Windows

In this section, we’ll mention some of the best free-to-use hard Disk analyzing softwares that we could find across the internet. These applications will tell you what kind of files are hogging up your hard disk storage, and you can proceed to take further actions as per your choice.

  1. Treesize
  2. Disksavvy
  3. JDiskReport
  4. Windows Directory Statistics
  5. RidNacs
  6. Disktective

Let’s look at each of these softwares in detail.

1] TreeSize

TreeSize is a free-to-use hard disk analyzing software that excels at scanning hard drives and providing a detailed report that includes every necessary detail a user should be aware of on their hard drive. One of the most excellent perks of using TreeSize is that its representation of data is relatively simple. TreeSize has both a paid and a free version.

TreeSize Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space

The free version works perfectly well with all systems and is super quick. The visual feedback of the software’s data is relatively easy to interpret. We get to see the size of files next to their names, and we also get the option of sorting them based on sizes. This way, we can determine the files taking up more space on the hard drive than others and if they’re needed.

Although the paid version comes with more functionality and multiple illustration features, the free version doesn’t compromise the primary purpose. It is lightweight, easy to use, and highly viable.


2] DiskSavvy

DiskSavvy is our second pick for the best free-to-use Disk analyzing tools. DiskSavvy tops many of its competitors in terms of functionality alone. What makes DiskSavvy such a great tool is the great number and variety of features it bundles in its small package.

DiskSavvy Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space

The free version of this software is highly useful, and you’ll only need the paid version when you’re dealing with Terabytes of data, which is probably a rare case for most users. DiskSavvy uses some of the most advanced techs to efficiently analyze hard disks and present the user with an overview of its collected information.

Apart from that, you also get the feature of customization, which has a tonne of options under it. You can categorize the data as per your wish, and you get plenty of categories to choose from. Despite the advanced features, DiskSavvy is known for having a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the best Disk Analyzing tools out there.


3] JDiskReport

As the name suggests, JDiskReport is a tool you can use to obtain a brief yet complete overview of your hard drive. The visual representation of the scanned data is quite attractive and is presented in interactable pie charts that further increase the functionality of this free-to-use software.

JDiskReport Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space

These pie charts have a complete set of information. The name of the files and the size of the folder are mentioned.

Using pie charts as a medium of visually representing the data JDiskReport collects also allows it to include extra details that often end up being neglected by other Disk analyzing softwares.

JDiskReport is known for offering extra features to its users. On top of that, the user interface is straightforward and feels easy to use. Everyone can use it without any issues whatsoever.


4] Windows Directory Statistics

Also known as WinDirStat for comfort, this free-to-use disk space analyzer is also one of the best out there. It outperforms similar applications in features and functionality by a large margin. WinDirStat gives you the freedom to set up custom commands for cleanup, which is a handy tool, and not many freeware provide features of this kind.

WinDirStat Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space

Aside from that, WinDirStat also allows you to scan a disk drive as a whole or a single folder in it, depending on the kind of approach you’re willing to take. This tool will let you know about the files and folders that take up space in your storage drives, and you can also sort that data out based on size for convenience.

Read our complete review of WinDirStat.Download

5] RidNacs

Although similar to TreeSize, RidNacs has its own set of unique features and functions that allow you to get a detailed insight into the data stored in your hard disks. The visual representation of the data this tool gathers is done effectively.

RidNacs Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space

The best part about using RidNacs is the super quick scanning speed which helps it read and analyze hard disks within moments. It offers a tonne of features that one can use to improve the scan results further. Ultimately, you’ll learn about large files that may be unnecessary yet still take up a considerable amount of storage on your Disk. RidNacs is highly functional and entirely free to use.


6] Disktective

The name of this freeware speaks for itself. Disktective is easily one of the most lightweight softwares mentioned in this list. With a package size of less than a megabyte, this tool packs great functionality that feels unreal.

DiskTective Software To Analyze Hard Disk Space
It is an excellent tool for everyone and automatically does most of the job. Although the small package size does hint at some limitations, it cannot be denied that Disktective is one of the best tools for scanning to learn what is occupying your hard drive.


Although we can learn about the files and folders on our hard drive from the File explorer itself, some considerably large files are tough to locate. The free-to-use softwares we presented in this article are the best in their category and will surely help you learn what keeps occupying your hard drive.

Can Having More Space on My Hard Disk Improve My Computer’s Performance?

Having more space on your hard drive can improve the performance of your PC. However, there is no direct relation between your hard disk space and performance. Having more space on your hard Disk means you have fewer files that use your PC’s resources.

What Causes 100% Disk Usage On My Computer?

100% disk usage on a Windows computer is a rare occurrence, and if you are using the laptop typically without many heavy tasks running in the background. There is a possibility that your PC may be infected with a virus. To solve this, you can try anti-virus softwares and perform a clean boot or wipe your hard drive.


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