Find what is preventing computer from turning off or entering sleep mode

Many a times you might have noticed that when you try to turn your computer off it waits for something, Windows displays a message that some programs are yet to respond. Same thing happen when your computer tries to get into sleep mode when kept idle for sometime.

To find out try the follow steps :

  • Type CMD in the start menu, right click and run it as administrator.
  • Now type powercfg /requests
  • This will display applications and drivers which might be troubling you.

Powercfg sleep mode

            Enumerate application and driver Power Requests. Power
            Requests prevent the computer from automatically powering off
            the display or entering a low-power sleep mode.

It scans the display, system and awaymode sections of your computer and if you find any issues listed, you will have to troubleshoot each of them individually.

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  1. Hi, my question is that; does it needs to run when the problem is occurring? cannot work differently on windows7


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