Find who is accessing the shared folder in real-time in Windows

Sharing folders is probably one of the most common activities when you are on the network. But as time passes, you forget what folders you shared, and if your folder is open to all i.e., without using protection, then you can not find whos is accessing what. It works in Windows 10, and the feature has been there since Windows Vista.

Find who is accessing the shared folder in real-time in Windows.

In Windows 10 Shared Folders under System tools of computer, management allows you to find who is accessing what via open file view. You can find the logged in Windows user name of that person and see which folder is being accessed.

Find who is accessing the shared folder in real-time in Windows

Moreover, you can also find which folders on your computer are being shared, and you can drop right from here all of them.

Find this tool under Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > System tools. When you take a look into the shared folder, you would see there are a lot of drives that you did not share at all. Yes, you are right.

By default, Windows shares all drives under c$ d$, which can be accessed with your administrative password. It allows you to access your files without creating shared folders.

How to turn off admin share in Windows 10

disable admin share Windows 10 Drives

If you want to disable the admin share in Windows 10, you need to use the registry hack.

  • Open Registry Editor by typing Regedit in the Run Prompt(Win + R)  followed by the enter key
  • Navigate to the following path
  • Create a DWORD under Parameters folder with name AutoShareWks
  • Set the value to 0
  • Restart the computer to remove the shared folders

Now, if you check the shared folder section, all these admin drives will not be available anymore. While they are needed by IT admins, and only an admin of the computer can disable or enable this feature.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to figure out who’s is accessing the folder and turn off admin share folders in Windows 10.

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