Find Free WiFi Access And Hot Spots Around You

It is hard to stay away from an internet connection for too long in today’s modern world. When trying to find the nearest free WiFi connection, there are several strategies you can practice to save both time and money when you want to go online. Using these strategies will save your data plan, and even your phone’s battery life will extend a little bit. This post will share apps to help you find free WiFi Access Points(WAP) and Hot Spots around You.

WiFi Access Point And WiFi Hotspots

A wireless access point (WAP) is a networking device that connects wireless devices to the internet. Wireless access points are simple and easy to install to connect all the computers or devices on your network instead of wires and cables.

WiFi hotspots are internet access points where you can connect to a WiFi network using your computer, smartphone, or other devices when you are away from your home or official internet network.

Ways To Find Free WiFi And Hot Spots

Many cities, organizations, colleges, hospitals, airports, railway stations, etc., offer WiFi hotspots for public use where you can access faster internet connections than the one available on your cellular networks. Here are some ways to find free WiFi access points and hot spots near you on Google maps.

Use A Hotspot Database App

Free public hotspots are in huge demand, and there are dedicated apps for helping users find them. Such database apps can give you a list of available WiFi hotspots around the world. You can even have passwords(without paying) for some hotspots not available for public use.

Visit Popular WiFi Hotspot Locations

You will always find a free WiFi hotspot at a few places like public libraries, public plazas, Railway stations, Airports, Educational institutions, Organisations, some cafes, etc. If you want free WiFi, then you try out such places for fast internet access.

Search Hidden WiFi Networks

You can search wireless networks using Service Set Identifiers or SSIDs, which essentially serve as network names. You can easily hide a network’s SSID and create a secured hidden network that is not easily visible to other nearby WiFi-enabled devices. By using a WiFi analyzer app, it’s possible to find all hidden WiFi networks.

Find Free WiFi Access And Hot Spots Around You

Find Free WiFi Access And Hot Spots Around You

Dedicated WiFi apps can help you to locate WiFi networks, even if they are hidden ones. Here we have listed a few for you:


Instabridge doesn’t exactly show your WiFi password. It allows its users to create hotspots for other people when connecting to a public WiFi network. With Instabridge, you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots shared by other Instabridge users, it is a large enough community, and you can get free Wi-Fi hotspots at many places.

It is one of the best apps to use when traveling abroad and using public WiFi.

There is no restriction on the usage, and you’ll be able to use any website you want and use your data on WhatsApp and the other social media networks.

Available on: Android and iOS | Download from PlayStore

WiFi Map

The main goal of the WiFi Map app is to provide free WiFi to its users, which is fast and trustworthy. It will not show you hidden passwords, but worldwide it offers over 100 million hotspots. There is also an offline mode of this app.

By using its intelligent search features, you can find high-quality, reliable WiFi networks across the planet. You can share the hotspots on any social media platform also, e.g., on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is a free-to-use application.

Available on: Google Play Store and iOS |Downlooad from PlayStore

WiFi Password

WiFi Password is one of the apps which provides free WiFi. You can access internet networks even if they are password-blocked. It makes it stand out because it identifies networks that might be unsafe and avoids them, ensuring that you’re as safe as possible. Be careful to use public networks to secure your passwords from getting stolen.

It also offers millions of hotspots worldwide and even has an in-built protection system.

Available on: Google Play Store | Download from PlayStore

WiFi Space

WiFi Space is one of the easy and quick web apps that help you find nearby WiFi hotspots. A zoomable color-coded map displayed at the top of the page gives you detailed info about available WiFi networks. Green is Free WiFi, Yellow is private networks (known passwords), and Red is private networks (unknown passwords). You can directly search your city on the map or use the location catalog.

Download from PlayStore

Precautions While Using Public WiFi Networks

To save your passwords from being stolen or saving your WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media platform from being hacked, here are a few safety tips you should follow. Follow them to ensure unwanted access to your private information and your privacy.

While using a public network, your devices will likely be somewhat exposed and vulnerable. Hackers can see all the connected devices and inject viruses or extract data from your smartphone.

Follow below safety tips while using any apps to find free WiFi:

  1. Download and install any antivirus app for your phone.
  2. Avoid logging in or insert any passwords in any app.
  3. Keep your phone updated since the latest system updates have safety and privacy improvements.
  4. Keep your phone encrypted.

How To Find Free WiFi Access Through Your ISP?

Lots of internet service providers offer free WiFi access to their customers. But it isn’t free, as you have to pay your monthly internet bill. So you need not pay anything extra when you connect.

How Can You Find Free WiFi Hotspots?

The typical way to find a WiFi hotspot is to check your available networks list on your computer or tablet. You’ll find many free shared WiFi hotspots at many public places that you can connect to. You can check for WiFi hotspots provided by your ISP.

These days public WiFi networks are available everywhere, but using them carelessly can cause substantial security issues. Luckily, WiFi by using certain apps it’s easy to find encrypted public WiFi networks. These apps also help in finding fake WiFi networks created by cybercriminals with ill intentions.


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